Volunteering Mogo

About the camp

As a part of the 2022 program for Girls on Fire we are running a two-day Girls Fire Camp in Mogo at the RFS Mogo Training Centre, Bimbimbi Road, in Mogo NSW.

Volunteer Opportunities

We’re looking for Mentors and Activity Facilitators that help make Girls on Fire possible.

Mentor / Activity Facilitator

Mentors and Activity Facilitators are a combined role for the Mogo camp.

Mentors and Activity Facilitators support and manage small groups of participants throughout each event. Mentors and Activity Facilitators work together to deliver learning activities undertaking during day sessions at the camp.

Learning sessions teach particular skills related to the key functions your agency such as urban firefighting, rural firefighting, land management and community resilience.

Mentors and Activity Facilitators will work with other agencies and adapt skills, techniques and processes to provide generalised instruction.

All accommodation, meals, induction training and camp costs will be covered.


The Girls on Fire Experience intends to give girls and young women insight into and understanding of the fire and emergency services industry, and to ignite pathways as a volunteer or as a career in firefighting and the emergency services.

Mentors and Activity Facilitators model inclusive leadership and commit to working collaboratively to enable interoperability between agencies, and ensure safe team and working practices through camp rules, process and schedule.

Mentors and Activity Facilitators help build leadership capacity in their fellow volunteers, and educate and engage with the community about the role of fire and emergency services and their role in emergency management.

Application Process

Volunteers (Adult Agency Personnel)

To complete the application, you will need to provide the following information:

  • The agency you’re representing,

  • Your contact details,

  • Your best emergency contact’s details,

  • Your Working with Children Check (WWCC) Number, or application number if you do not have one (applications can be found here),

  • Medical information (such as allergies, medications and conditions),

  • Dietary information,

  • T-shirt size,

  • Your responses to two targeted questions:

    • The role of Mentor / Activity Facilitator requires you to deliver training to a diverse audience with different capabilities. Please provide an example, including the outcome, of when you have used varying learning techniques to accommodate a diverse group of learners?

    • What key attributes do you bring, that will be of significant benefit to all participants of the camp?

For further information please check out our website, or email us at info@girlsonfire.com.au.