International Women’s Day – Breaking the Bias

Breaking the Bias (#BreakTheBias) is the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day
– and it’s one we at Girls on Fire fully support.

What does #BreakingThe Bias mean?

The aim of this year’s theme is to promote a world that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive. This is about creating opportunities, leaving old attitudes behind and celebrating women as they are for who they are.

Breaking the Bias for Girls on Fire means:

  • Including women as an important part of the fabric of the Australian fire service. One that reflects the diversity of the Australia across gender, sexuality and racial lines
  • Challenging gender stereotypes and misconceptions that stop us from involving the community in disaster and crisis prevention and education
  • Meeting the increasing challenges posed by natural disasters such as fire, flood and climate change by bringing all kinds of perspectives to the problem-solving table
  • Creating workplaces where if one woman thrives, the others celebrate the forward motion of all women in their wake
  • Making safe and inclusive workplaces – regardless of gender, sexuality or race.

With International Women’s Day right around the corner, you’re going to be seeing a lot of Girls on Fire news this month!

Here’s where you can catch us in action:

Presenting at Cobham Juvenile Justice Centre for International Women’s Day

March 7th, 2022

Bronnie Mackintosh of Girls of Fire will be presenting at Cobham Juvenile Justice Centre for International Women’s Day. Bronnie is a passionate advocate for giving our youth purpose and letting them grow and understand their own capabilities as a positive contributor to society. Many juveniles are not aware of their choices and the impact they can make as an individual. Bronnie is honoured to introduce Girls on Fire and life as a frontline responder as a way to help young people find their feet and uncover the potential within.

International Women’s Day Trans-Tasman roundtable

March 8, 2022, 12pm-1pm AEST/ 2pm-3pm NZ

Fire and Emergency New Zealand meets with Fire and Rescue NSW to create connections and share insights and ideas. This special inter-agency roundtable aims to create awareness and action through empowering the leaders of today’s fire services within New Zealand and Australia.

The roundtable invites seven high ranking female officers across both agencies to reflect on: 

–        Attracting and retaining women in the fire services

–        How we can continue to develop our women within the agencies

–        Challenges and barriers faced

Through lived experience, stronger policy and positive communication, we aim to create action and make changes in today’s fire services!

Meeting with CEO Australian Business Volunteers

March 8, 2022

If the recent floods across NSW and QLD and the still tender memories of the Back Summer Bushfires (2019 to 2020) highlight, mobilising communities and making the most of volunteer power is essential in today’s challenging world.

We know that ordinary people can and do change the outcomes of a multitude of disaster scenarios. And that aligning the business sector with frontline responders helps create opportunities for teamwork, resilience training, skills sharing and fostering a sense of connection to the wider world.

Bronnie Mackintosh is meeting with the CEO of Australian Business Volunteers to discuss the possibilities for engaging with the Australian business sector to create a meaningful connection between workplaces and our frontline responders. Stay tuned for more details!

#BreakTheBias is everyone’s responsibility

You don’t have to be a female firefighter to Break the Bias this International Women’s Day.

Some of the ways (large and small) you can participate include:

·        Raising up women you admire and celebrating their achievements in the workplace, on social media and more

·        Call out gendered assumptions or tropes as they happen. Our language matters!

·        Use your privilege to reduce the barriers faced by LGBTQIA+, disabled and Women of Colour by giving them a platform. Use your social media, blog, LinkedIn, events and profile in the workplace to raise up others

·        Talk about your experience as a woman in the workplace. Let people know the barriers you face, the challenges you’ve overcome and the ways you’ve seen change occur

·        Take on ageism and bias. Open yourself up to share your experiences as an older woman – or look for the older women within your circle and challenge the invisibility of women over forty by bringing them to the fore

·        Share your story as a woman under the #BreakTheBias theme in your workplace, on social media and wherever you roam

·        Reflect on the message we send young girls about who they can be and what they can achieve

·        Support the causes that support women. Women face a multitude of challenges right across the world and the country. Together, we can use volunteering and financial support to make a difference in women’s health, literacy, safety, education and more

·        Don’t wait for International Women’s Day to share who inspires you. Make a commitment to highlight the great things women in your community do on a regular basis.

For more opportunities to catch the Girls on Fire team in action, stay close to our LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram profiles.

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