Participant workbook - Introduction


Welcome to the Virtually Possible Workbook, your online introduction to the agencies and practices that make firefighting and disaster management possible in Australia!

This workbook is designed to help you develop an understanding of the capabilities of four of the emergency service agencies that work alongside Girls on Fire to help keep our communities safe through education and training.

You’re about to learn fun facts and watch a collection of videos about agencies and their vital contribution to the emergency services industry.

As you move through the Virtually Possible Workbook, you can collect your questions and impressions in this handy online form.

We’re excited to journey with you as you discover more about disaster and emergency management and uncover what’s possible for your future!

Bronnie Mackintosh, founder of Girls on Fire.

Our values


We always treat each other with respect and fairness while recognising and accepting the differences, wishes, rights, feelings and value of others.


We always act professionally and can be trusted implicitly because honesty, transparency and strong ethical principles underpin who we are and everything we do.


We are reliable, always performing our roles safely, effectively and efficiently, while taking responsibility for our actions and decisions.


We always put the needs of the community and our team first, and have the courage not only to deal with serious situations, but to stand up for others and to challenge wrongdoing.


We treat everyone we meet with equity, understanding and kindness. We appreciate that others may be dealing with issues we are not aware of and that this will change their behaviour.

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