Firefighters in action

Firefighters in action

Check out these great examples of the firefighting we do across the various emergency services.

Fighting fire from the air

Fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters and large air tankers used by the NSW RFS and partner agencies.

Accelerant detection canines

Meet Xenos, Xando and Gandalf are dogs we work with to help detect if an accelerant was used to start a fire.

Accelerant detection canines and their handler can cover large areas quickly to figure our how a fire might have started.

Cultural burning

The NSW RFS and the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council worked together to identify significant Aboriginal and Indigenous cultural sites.

This burn happened near Maroota, between Darug and Darkinjung traditional lands.

The video gives an insight into the importance of this cooperation.

NPWS Firefighters control bushfires in national parks

Ever wondered what it takes to prevent wildfires in NSW national parks? When trees catch on fire they can burn from the top down like a candle. Cutting down one burning tree can  save thousands of trees and the plants and animals that call the Australian bush home.

The NPWS firefighter in the next video explains how. 

Practice putting out a jet plane on fire

Watch all the moving parts and action required to make training exercises at the Melbourne-based Learning Academy Hot Fire Training Ground possible. Communication between on-the-ground forces and the planning ahead of time via computer modelling to keep everyone safe is vital! 

Structure fire training

Uncover the world of structure fire training in this FRNSW video. Watch as the team and truck prepare, hook up the equipment and move towards the structure in a suburban neighbourhood. 

Vehicle fire

Watch as a team from Fire and Rescue NSW puts out a vehicle fire. Vehicle fires can result from accidents, vandalism or vehicle malfunction. With fuel and oil as well as rubber and plastics producing toxic fumes, having the skills and ability to extinguish a vehicle fire efficiently is a vital part of firefighting in the city or the bush!

Door entry and training

Firefighters must master the art of entering a building, even when the door is locked or blocked. 

Physical Aptitude Test (PAT)

Firefighters need to be fit, fast and ready to take on all kinds of challenges day-to-day. 

Here is a glimpse into the physical aptitude tests. 

The tasks are: – single-sided jerry can carry – stair climb with single-sided jerry can carry – rescue tool static holds – repeated hose drag.