Fire camp facilitators

Wanted: Volunteer fire camp facilitators

Are you a current or ex-emergency services worker or volunteer?

Do you want to inspire and empower young people by showing them the difference they can make in the community?

We need you! 

Volunteer as a fire camp facilitator

We are looking for volunteers to help us run Girls on Fire experiences at fire camp level. 

Our volunteers provide guidance and mentoring young people through activities that teach firefighting, land management, and community resilience skills.

We’re looking for firefighting, land management and emergency management personnel (volunteer and career) from our partner agencies to support and manage groups and to facilitate varying activities.

We have opportunities in local areas wherever Girls on Fire camps are held. 

Please note: If you are existing personnel and/or a current volunteer with an agency,
your attendance must be supported by your participating agency. 


Check our events page for details. 

What does a facilitator do? 

Your main role is to support and manage small groups of fire camp participants with each activity and throughout each event. You will be called upon to deliver learning activities, talk about your experience and inspire the girls to do and be their best at all times. 

As an agency representative, you will also perform key functions in training exercises and classes that demonstrate your knowledge in some or all of the following areas: 

  • Firefighting 
  • Rural firefighting 
  • Disaster management and relief 
  • Land management 
  • Community engagement 
  • Community resilience 

Fire camp facilitators work with other agencies and adapt skills, techniques and processes to provide generalised instruction.

All accommodation, meals, induction training and camp costs will be covered.

Selection process

Fire camp facilitators are selected from a pool of candidates representing each of the partner agencies. 

The criteria include (and is not limited to): 

  • Leadership potential 
  • Demonstrated abilities mentoring and influencing others
  • A pre-existing commitment to the workforce diversity within your agency
  • A love of teamwork

Expressions of interest are advertised a minimum of two months prior to the camp through each of the agencies on their internal noticeboards and social media platforms.

Fire camp facilitators apply through the Girls on Fire website and answer two targeted questions. The aim is to identify your key strengths, interests and capabilities. That way, we can determine the activities best suited to your skillset. 

Your availability may also influence your suitability for certain roles. For example, Team Leaders must be available to stay at camp for the duration of the program.

All volunteers must have a Working with Children Check, undergo a Police Check, be First Aid qualified and ideally also hold a Mental Health First Aid certificate. You will also be screened for references and come to us with full endorsement and approval of your participation from your agency. 

Successful applications are notified by phone and are emailed an information pack containing details on what to expect from the camp. This includes necessary onboarding documentation. 

Fire camp facilitator application 

To apply as a fire camp facilitator, you need to provide the following information:

  • The agency you are representing
  • Your contact details
  • Your best emergency contact’s details
  • Your Working with Children Check (WWCC) Number,
    or application number if you do not have one (applications can be found here)
  • Medical information (such as allergies, medications and conditions)
  • Dietary information
  • T-shirt size

As well as your responses for two questions: 

The role of Mentor / Activity Facilitator requires you to deliver training to a diverse audience with different capabilities. Please provide an example, including the outcome, of when you have used varying learning techniques to accommodate a diverse group of learners.

What key attributes do you bring, that will be of significant benefit to all participants of the camp?

Want to know more? Check out our general volunteer information or get in touch today!