Cultural Inclusion Programs

Indigenous Australia has some of the most intelligent and rich fire and disaster management, recovery, and relief strategies the world has ever seen. Girls on Fire works with the next generation of Indigenous firefighters and emergency personnel to keep this tradition going. 

All our programs are designed with diversity and inclusion at the centre.  

We take this commitment to diversity and inclusion further with our Cultural Inclusion Programs in diverse and remote communities.

Putting the action in reconciliation 

Girls on Fire works alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders in the fire and emergency services as facilitators and mentors at our programs. We integrate Indigenous fire and cultural practices into our curriculum as well as running specific Cultural Inclusion programs in Brewarrina in 2021, Tamworth in 2022, and plans for November 2023 (location TBA).  

Activities in Cultural Inclusion Program:

  • Yarning Circle; 
  • Yiddiki & Who’s Your Mob
  • Songlines & Truth telling
  • Aboriginal learning circle; 
  • Cultural Knowledge sharing
  • boomerang & woomera throwing; 
  • Collaborative artwork; structured art sessions 

Past campers have  learned Aboriginal culture, history and connection to country, toured a local Cultural Museum and visited local sites of Indigenous significance such as the 40,000-year-old Brewarrina Fish Traps. 

This is in addition to learning fire, emergency and disaster management.
Elements of this included how to roll & bowl hose, get water onto a range of fires, wear breathing apparatus, use hand tools and radios for remote access firefighting and how to use fire extinguishers & fire blankets. The NSW SES facilitated a road crash rescue scenario and the girls also got to participate in simulated incident scenarios by each agency.



We’re currently putting together the finishing touches on the Girls on Fire Cultural Inclusion Program for 2023.

Stay tuned for more details on our EVENTS page. 

Meanwhile, check out the highlights reel of our Brewarrina Cultural Inclusion Program 

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