Girls on Fire has worked with four emergency service agencies to bring you the Virtually Possible program.

It’s time to introduce these amazing organisations and some of the work they do.

Fire and Rescue NSW

Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) provides fire, rescue and hazmat services in New South Wales cities and towns.

FRNSW is one of the key agencies responding to emergency and/or disaster events in New South Wales. 

Thousands of highly-skilled fire officers and support staff provide rapid, reliable help in emergencies, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This makes FRNSW is one of the world’s largest urban fire and rescue services. And they are the busiest service in Australia.

Their overriding purpose is to protect the irreplaceable. 

NSW Rural Fire Service

The NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) is the lead combat agency for bushfires in New South Wales.

For over 100 years they have been a significant part of the history and landscape of NSW.

NSW RFS  work with other agencies to respond to a range of emergencies including:

  • structure fires

  • motor vehicle accidents

  • storms

The NSW RFS is the largest volunteer fire service in the world. Each member is trained to a high national standard so they can deal with a range of emergencies facing rural, coastal and regional New South Wales.

National Parks & Wildlife Service

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) manages:

  • national parks

  • nature reserves

  • flora reserves

  • world heritage areas

  • rainforests

  • beaches

  • alpine areas

And sites of great cultural and historic significance.

There are over 870 parks and reserves, covering over seven million hectares of land.

Management of these areas involves a wide range of responsibilities:

  • plant and animal conservation

  • fire management

  • sustainable tourism and visitation

  • research

  • education

  • volunteering programs

NPWS manages more than 9% of the land area in NSW.

They are committed to conservation of NSW biodiversity and cultural heritage.

Air Services Australia

Airservices Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting Services (ARFFS), a national fire and rescue service, is located at 26 of Australia’s busiest international and regional airports. Airservices provide safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible services to the aviation industry.

Some of Airservices responsibilities include:

  • air traffic control

  • airways navigation and communication facilities

  • publishing aeronautical data

  • airport rescue and fire-fighting services

The main responsibility of ARFFS is to rescue people from an aircraft crash and/or fire. And from other fires in and around the airport.