Girls on Fire advocacy initiatives

Diversity in firefighting and community resilience

Diversity in firefighting and emergency management is the cornerstone in engaging communities in preservation and protection initiatives. 

More Australians are realising that lasting change is driven by informed, inspired, and collaborative communities. 

At Girls on Fire, we advocate for a community-centred recovery approach.  One that draws on the wisdom, experience and knowledge of a diverse array of community members. It’s about bringing diverse communities and champions from all walks of life together to help neighbourhoods and towns thrive.

Girls on Fire believes that every young person we train brings with them the opportunity to enhance the capabilities and resilience of the community in which they live. 

We believe in diversity in firefighting and disaster relief is a proven model in community outreach. By having women alongside Indigenous, LGBTQIA+, Disabled voices within disaster management decision-making and recovery efforts, we can and do reach more people.

That begins with encouraging greater diversity in firefighting and emergency roles by connecting with all kinds of communities across this wide, brown land.

Our advocacy programs 

As an additional way of reaching young people and their communities, Girls on Fire offer a wide variety of advocacy programs. These programs are tailor-made to speak to the needs of organisations and corporations, large and small.

We design our advocacy programs to spread the fire safety and inclusion messages as much as possible.
They are the perfect way to enhance team connectivity, too! 

You can choose from:

Event speaking  

Light a fire under your organisation’s team with a visit from Girls on Fire! We work with all kinds of organisations to share the principles of respect, teamwork, safety and inclusion. All while captivating audiences with the fascinating, educational and inspiring experiences of life on the frontline. 

Community outreach

Girls on Fire is committed to championing the message of safer, more connected and better engaged and prepared communities. We work with all kinds of community organisations and bodies to increase awareness and foster action in community resilience and disaster management. 

Community reflection 

Learn why diversity and inclusion creates the best conditions to enable and strengthen your team, community’s or organisation’s ability to reach your goals. Girls on Fire can demonstrate what connection with women and the Indigenous, LGBT and disabled communities can teach you.  

Our advocacy principles

Community-centred recovery

Girls on Fire supports and enacts the National Council for Fire and Emergency Services (AFAC) strategic directions for keeping
Australians and the communities we love safe.

We believe in, support and promote the community-centred recovery approach as an opportunity to enhance resilience across the social, built, natural and economic environments. It is a vital piece of the advocacy work Girls on Fire do.

This includes a focus on:

Partnership and collaboration 

We seek to create new relationships, while utilising existing connections to better apply the collective distributed knowledge, capability and capacity. This includes working with and promoting the work of fire and emergency services, schools, organisations, businesses, community groups, individuals and across age, gender, cultures, sexuality and more.

Climate change adaptation and mitigation 

Every program, event or talk given by Girls on Fire centres on supporting communities to identify, understand, reduce the impact and adapt to the changing climate. We seek to draw from the rich knowledge of young people living on the land and their enduring connection to country via Indigenous heritage. And empower lived experience with training, knowledge and practical action.

Intelligence-based decision making 

We believe in the power of practical, firsthand knowledge and evidence-based research and intelligence-based decision making. That’s why all Girls on Fire programs, presentations and advocacy work draw from the experience and know-how of fire, emergency and disaster specialist agencies in concert with research partners such as Monash University. We commit to consistently sharing, applying and updating what we learn to deliver robust, accurate and useful programs.

Leadership and management 

It takes a village to raise a child and a connected community network to support a village. Girls on Fire is founded on the principles of bringing together agencies to produce the best results. We believe wholeheartedly in leading by example, working with communities and bridging gaps
wherever possible through representation. The knowledge we gain is the knowledge we share for the benefit of all community members, including those most vulnerable.

Traditional Owners and knowledge 

Girls on Fire believes in the innovative nature and demonstrated prowess of the First Nations People in managing fire, disaster and emergency. We draw heavily from this knowledge, practices and culture to integrate cultural and land management outcomes into our programs to strengthen local capacity and resilience. And we commit to creating opportunity and space for the voices of Indigenous youth at all levels of Girls on Fire now and in the future.

Enabling communities 

Through increasing the exposure of young people to our programs, we enable more resilient and safe communities. We will continue working with urban, regional and remote communities to encourage shared responsibility and promote disaster resilience. This includes helping to train a highly skilled and proficient professional and volunteer workforce with appropriate equipment training and support. And fostering the principles of teamwork, respect, safety and inclusion at all times.

Every young person can make a difference. Uncover how you can be a part of that today